Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conestoga Wagon - built by David Byrne

David Byrne sent us pictures of his completed Conestoga Wagon by Model Trailways - great job David! And, it's worth noting that David built his Conestoga Wagon by Model Trailways for FREE!

How did David build it for free? He took advantage of our Conestoga Wagon Build for Free offer!

David's comments: In addition to the Conestoga Wagon, I have also built the New Bedford Whaleboat, Bounty Launch, Bluenose, Picket Boat, Albatross, Nieuport 28, Wright Flyer, and Curtiss Jenny kits. I am currently building the Benjamin Latham kit and have the Flying Fish and Sopwith Camel kits resting on a shelf in my hobby room waiting to be built. 

I have found all of the kits generally well engineered, the quality of wood and fittings to be very good and the plans to be excellent. The "Jenny" kit, in particular, was exquisite.

Thanks for many years of satisfying modeling, David Byrne.

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