Friday, December 23, 2011

Doctor's Buggy - built by Dennis Gibbs

Check out the pictures Dennis Gibbs submitted of his Doctor's Buggy by Model Trailways - great job Dennis! If you have questions about Dennis's work, you can contact him via email.

Dennis's Comments: Recently finished the Doctor’s Buggy, with addition of a a leather top.
Top structure was constructed with brazing rod, brass strips cut from the included brass sheet
and screws and nuts from an old eyeglass repair kit.  Top material is microsuede faux leather.
The top structure is pressed into 6 holes and can be removed easily.
Enjoyed the kit.  Only negative for me was the britania axles, too thin and easily deformed.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome to Trailways & Battlefields Blog!

Model Expo would like to welcome everyone to Trailways & Battlefields! The intent of this blog is to have a place for our customers to showcase in-progress or completed wagon and cannon model kits and to share tips and tricks for modeling. In addition, Model Expo will provide updates on future Model Trailways & Guns of History kits such as the Firehose Wagon, Rucker Ambulance, and more!

If you have something you want published to the blog, please send text / pictures via email to Model Expo Web Marketing!

Thank you and happy modeling!

Model Expo