Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Western Mountain Buckboard - Instructions Sneak Peek!

Ken Foran sent us the draft of the instructions for the Western Mountain Buckboard Wagon
by Model Trailways! We are nearing completion - this will be a GREAT kit! Hoping to have this out in December - stay tuned for the release!

Building a Western Mountain Buckboard Model
Circa Late 1800’s and early 1900’s

Technical Characteristics: 
Scale 1:12, 1” = 1 foot
Length 9.75” 
Width 5.25”
Height 5.25” (minus whip)
Kit design, plans, instructions, and prototype model by Ken Foran, 2012

Before You Begin

The Western Mountain Buckboard is a historic and distinctly American vehicle and makes a splendid model. The buckboard originated in the mountainous areas of the north eastern states and the design moved west with pioneers and evolved into a pleasure and utility vehicle. The original versions were nothing more than a seat bolted to a long spring board attached to two axles. Over time, more refinements were added for pleasure and enjoyment. This model is an example of that evolution with the addition of the front spring and the rear Shuler Spring. The rear Shuler Spring combines the features of the helical coil and torsion spring enabling the vehicle to withstand the rigors of rough mountainous terrain due to its flexibility of design. This three point suspension concept was later adopted by the Model T automobile. At 1" = 1' 0” (1:12) scale, it is relatively easy to build and obtain precise detail. Laser-cut parts offer a simple building method. Britannia (white metal) fittings, and brass photo etch parts eliminate creating parts from scratch.

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